Tong Sai Bay Resort


Since opening in 1987, The Tongsai Bay has established itself as the leading family owned hotel on the tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand. Hidden amongst 28 and a half acres of breathtaking natural beauty and wrapped around a private bay. TongSai Bay truly strives to be more ‘green’ and follow a green policy that covers 6 major areas and even produce our own effective microorganism (EM) from fruits that we use as natural cleaning agents in our rooms.

The resort went under renovation in 2016, The Beyond Living Team and I were challenged to design 4 sustainable textile wall art for their lobby. 

Applique 1: Home Sweet Banyan

The greenest in Samui, The Tong Sai Bay property is jam-packed with exotic wild life. Inspired by the Banyan tree, the shelter and shade to many species of birds.

DSC03050 copy.jpg
Applique 2: Pulp Vision

This piece is located in the lobby waiting area. Out of recycled material, this textile wall piece values a promise to sustainable upkeep. With Samui being the party island of Thailand, Beyond Living's core intention is to embrace and find charm in what others may first dismiss as trash.

Applique 3: Blessed Tranquility

The lush woods and greenery are home to many Tong Sai Bay's species of floral and fauna 🦅. Sustainable yarns and fabrics are used as a tribute to sustainable lifestyle on Samui Island.

Applique 4: Sam Rong

Inspired by "Dok Samrong" or "Bastard Poom" in English.