Low Budget Ballers

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We help young professionals partake in social activities while being budget-friendly.

Duration: October 2018 (2 weeks)

My team: Ariella Mamlin and Ricardo Haro

My role: User Research, Creative Direction, Interaction Design

 We interviewed 8 users

We interviewed 8 users

 From our interviews, we identified the following insights.

From our interviews, we identified the following insights.

Young people often feel pressure to go out drinking or eating even after college. Budgeting is easier said than done, no one wants to sacrifice their social life. The fear of missing out is irresistible and they always end up spending more than intended. What if they can limit the amount of money they can spend as a group? In our design studio, we came up with the virtual piggy bank that operates like a money pool where a group of friend can chip in how ever much they are willing to spend for a night out/meal/event. (See low-fi sketches below)

While the product may address the problem of young professionals spending more than intended, it caused more complication. These questions arise as we dig deeper into our product:

  1. If we need to link this to our bank account, why can’t we just use Venmo or Paypal?

  2. What do we do with the remaining cash?

  3. Who is responsible for the group’s money?

  4. What if one person doesn’t want to chip in the same amount as everyone else?

We then revised our problem statement

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We set our focus on:

  1. Providing young professional with dialogue options to communicate money concerns with her friends

  2. Helping young professionals maintain her social life without feeling guilty about changing plans

  3. Helping with young professionals with saving/ budgeting

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Next steps:

  1. Record friend’s preferences to accurately suggest future’s location.

  2. Collaborate with friends directly through the platform.

  3. Data & Statistics visualization.

  4. Reviews & Rankings for suggestion.